Brooklyn Nine-Nine: How Do They Handle Losing Gina

A couple of weeks back via Twitter, Chelsea Peretti announced she is leaving the freshly saved Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Canceled by Fox, the show was quickly scooped up by NBC to air some point in 2019. Peretti plays Gina Liberty, assistant to Captain Raymond Holt played by Andre Braughner. However, she has developed onscreen chemistry with the cast of characters. Her role has diminished as of late on the show, so it wasn’t a shock to see her step away.


Of course, the show could cut her character out and lose a piece of the show. Or they could try to recast/replace her character. Unfortunately for the show, replacing her won’t be as easy. Gina was the perfect combination of over the top in your face personality combined with the backdrop of witty one-liners that didn’t take away from the scene. The hardest part going forward would be finding someone who can replace that sense of timing and humor without feeling as if they weren’t forced into the scene as they often are with comedic roles.


Then, of course, there’s the difficult part of how do they write out a character after the fresh jump to a new network. While there’s plenty of show to build on, the challenge going forward is the proper send-off for Gina. While Peretti doesn’t rule out the occasional appearance on the show, her appearances will be fewer and further between. It will be disappointing to fans of the show who have loved Gina from the start. However, a fresh network of ideas and a majority of the cast returning Brooklyn Nine-Nine should still feel like the show they’ve known and loved over five seasons.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has the massive following that was strong enough to pull the show back from extinction. The family-friendly comedy should be able to go on as the show left plenty open-ended stories to build on and of course the every popular Halloween episodes. Losing a cast member like Chelsea Peretti’s Gina is always tough, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has all the makings of the long-running comedies like Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother. As long as they transition smoothly, the show could go on for many more seasons.

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