WWE: If Crown Jewel Gets Canceled, Evolution Would Benefit

There has been an immense amount of pressure for the WWE to cancel their show in Saudi Arabia on November 2. This is because a journalist has gone missing and with no leads on where he is, there’s a fear of safety for the wrestlers. There are now reports coming out that several WWE talent doesn’t want to make the trip over to Saudi Arabia. For the safety of their superstars, the WWE may have no option but to cancel the event. However, if they do cancel Crown Jewel; there is a silver lining that needs to be looked at.

[JonBlayneAds] After the WWE had the Super Showdown in Melbourne, Australia, the attention then turned to Smackdown 1000 that airs this Tuesday. After Smackdown 1000, the attention then shifts to Evolution in hindsight. However, it seems they have become more wrapped up with Crown Jewel than Evolution. It was touted that Evolution would be a landmark type of event. Watching WWE lately, you wouldn’t think that. However, if they were to cancel Crown Jewel, it would end up forcing them to push Evolution a bit better. As of now, ticket sales for the event are not where they should be to consider it a success.


While there’s the theory of too many pay-per-views causing this. I don’t buy it. The one that I am buying is that the WWE isn’t promoting it well enough to make people want to spend the money on tickets. I’m not saying dedicated an entire show, but they mention Crown Jewel more times than Evolution. Between Super Show Down and TLC, the WWE has seven total pay-per-views/special events left. They have five pay-per-views, one NXT Takeover, and one special event (Smackdown 1000). I foresee the other pay-per-views doing well.

Point blank, Crown Jewel is hurting Evolution because the WWE is more wrapped up in promoting Crown Jewel. Also, the two events are only a few days apart which doesn’t help matters.

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