Washington Redskins: Three Keys to Beating the Carolina Panthers

Last week the New Orleans Saints destroyed the Washington Redskins. Many fans that I have talked to throughout the week believe that this game was rigged. I, for one, do not believe that the NFL rigs games. The Saints just wanted it more than the Skins that night. Now the Redskins have a tilt with the Carolina Panthers. What do the Skins need to do to win that game? Here are three keys for a Redskins win.


Are the Washington Redskins a run-first team or pass-first team? That needs to be established. Adrian Peterson is the type of running back that gets better as the game wears on. If you are going to run, then run him. Stay with him too.

If you are trying to establish the pass then the Redskins need to get the players outside the numbers involved. Your leading receiver right now is Chris Thompson. Establishing a passing game starts outside.


The Carolina Panthers do not have a very strong set of receivers. Greg Manusky and the Washington Redskins defense need to be aggressive in their pass coverage. If they can shut down the passing game of the Carolina Panthers then they can have a lot of success on Sunday. In addition, being aggressive in the pass rush could help the secondary be aggressive. Be creative in coverage and with the rush.

Jay Gruden

There is a lot of talk right now, from the fans, about firing Jay Gruden. A loss on Sunday will only add to that talk. Especially if the team has another poor performance. There is an opportunity over the next couple of weeks to open up some space and establish yourself as a contender. That starts with Sunday. Jay Gruden needs to have his team ready Sunday.

As I stated, the Washington Redskins have an opportunity to make a statement over the next couple of weeks. Establishing themselves, at home, against the Carolina Panthers is the beginning step. Let’s Come out with swinging and dominate.

How do you feel about the Washington Redskins heading into the Carolina Panthers game? Leave a comment below.

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