NFL Week Six: 3 Teams on Upset Alert

Week six of the 2018 NFL Season started with the Philadelphia Eagles looking good on Thursday Night. In a little more than 24 hours, 26 more teams take the field for their attempt on this young NFL season. Many teams are looking to pick up where they left off in week five. While other teams are looking to make a name for themselves this season. Several teams are favored to win big in week six. Each week I am going to look at three teams that should be on upset alert. Here we go with the week six slate.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are 5-0 after 5 games. The last time they were undefeated this far into the season was 2001. They went 6-0 before losing that year. This week they face the Denver Broncos. I put the Rams on upset alert this week not because of their opponent but because of the elements they may have to play in. It is tough to come into Denver and face the Broncos in the cold and snow.

Minnesota Vikings

Think back to week three of this season. The Vikings faced a rookie QB in Josh Allen who carved them up in Minnesota. The Cardinals are a little better than the Buffalo Bills. Their pass rush is just as good and they have a better secondary. If they can protect Josh Rosen and get David Johnson going in the ground game, we could see it happen again up north.

Chicago Bears

The Bears have had two weeks to prepare for the Miami Dolphins. While for most teams, that is a good thing. However, in this case, I think it could cost the Bears. They had momentum on their side heading into the bye week. Now they catch a Dolphins a team that gave up a 17 point lead last week and was destroyed in week four. A scorned team is a tough team.

These three teams better watch their backs on Sunday. If they do not play well they could end up costing a lot of people some money.

Is there a NFL team that you have on upset alert? Leave a comment below.

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