Hersheypark Will Become That Much Sweeter In 2020

Hersheypark was in dire need of upgrades. In 2020 they’ll be getting just that. An all-new entrance plaza and hyper coaster are being built. The new project is expected to cost around $150 million. This new area to the park will be known as Chocolatetown.

The amount of eateries and attractions at Hersheypark is astounding. Yet, even the General Public knew something had to be done to upgrade the park. The entrance plaza is just a giant eyesore and full of nothing. The new project will contain new and fresh ideas.

Of course, there’s your typical Starbucks and Hersheypark gift shop in Chocolatetown. Although, so much more will exist. You’ll have the biggest restaurant in the park (which includes a full bar), a Hershey Kiss fountain, the relocated carousel, and the new hypercoaster. The latter of which has many curious.

However, all we know about the new coaster going into the Hersheypark expansion is that it’s going to be over 200 ft and the tallest at the park. This will make it the parks second hyper coaster (Skyrush being the other). The manufacturer is assumed to be B&M, as early reports indicated it might be. In addition, like Fury 325 at Carowinds and Gatekeeper at Cedar Point, this will be a front gate coaster.


The Chocolatetown expansion is much needed. With the crowds at Hersheypark being what they are, a little more space is a welcome addition. Not to mention the 2019 attraction, Reeses Cup Fusion. This will be infinitely more popular than the Reeses Cup Challenge that stood in its place before.

The new expansion will place Hersheypark as one of the most extravagant theme/amusement parks in the country. Indeed, Chocolatetown is going to be the amusement park version of Main Street USA at the Walt Disney parks. There shouldn’t be a single Hersheypark fanatic that’s upset by the new additions.

We’ve been waiting for years to see Hersheypark sport a new look. However, with all of their current coasters and rides, Chocolatetown will take the park to even greater heights. After all, this is the biggest investment in the park’s history.

As excited as many are, this is only the beginning for Hershey. There will be more updating will be done to the park in the future. Perhaps an RMC conversion of Wildcat? Possibly adding a few flat rides across the park?


We don’t know the park’s future beyond 2020. Over the last 2 years, Hershey has invested in triple drop towers and two new waterslides for the waterpark. The park has the updated Reeses ride in 2019 and the massive expansion in 2020. They might take things slow after that point. There should still be a few minor additions but nothing major on the horizon.

Hersheypark’s arrow is pointing up. Indeed, it’s great to see the park invest some serious money to give itself a more modern look. This is the best thing that could have happened to the city of Hershey. The 2020 addition revamp will bring in a lot of extra visitors.


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