Riverdale: Get Ready, A War Is On The Horizon For Archie Andrews And Veronica Lodge

Season 3 of Riverdale warned us that a war is coming to the small town. With Archie Andrews showing a bit of stupidity, the town of Riverdale will be divided in more ways than one. Who will side with Archie and who will side with Hiram Lodge. But that’s not it. The Southside Serpents are no more but they still have a bloody war to tend to against the Ghoulies. And while those two examples make for great TV, there appears to be a war with the residents and some spiritual force. But it still comes down to Archie and Veronica Lodge.

Let’s touch on the issue of Archie admitting he killed Cassidy in the woods when he did not commit such a crime. His reason for taking a deal proves that Archie is willing to do whatever he can to take care of others while forgetting about himself. This is not a fight in the rain against the Serpents to protect the Northside. Archie may not realize what he did until those iron bars close behind him. But in essence, he sacrificed two years of his life to save the town and the people in his corner more heartache of going through another trial. While his actions were noble, they were also stupid.

How Strong Is The Bond Between Archie And Veronica On Riverdale?

What Archie Andrews did was also put Veronica Lodge in a position where she will now go toe-to-toe with her own father. Since the beginning, Archie and Veronica have been inseparable. While Hiram gave his blessing of the young relationship, he did so thinking he had Archie in his back pocket. But after a while, Archie decided to become his own man and that’s when their relationship went on a downward spiral. But still, right by his side, the entire time was Veronica. How far is she willing to go to prove her love and loyalty to Archie?

Remember, when we first met Vee, she was this spoiled, uptight brat who was Daddy’s Little Girl. But Archie saw right through that and changed the way Veronica and the town looked at her. Despite many attempts, Hiram and Hermione were not able to break the bond between the two lovebirds and in the end, Hiram may have lost his daughter for good.

Veronica pleaded her case for Hiram to put an end to this but he refused due to a bruised ego. Hiram knows that Archie did not kill Cassidy but in order to punish Veronica, he had to take away the one thing she may love more than her family–Archie Andrews. Now, we now Archie won’t stay in prison long but what will happen to Veronica who will be all alone in her fight against her father?

She needs Archie more than ever now and what if everything goes wrong and by the time he’s released, Hiram may have won the war and turned Veronica Lodge against Archie Andrews. Season 3 of Riverdale is set to be one explosive ride.

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