Denver Broncos: Three Keys to Beating the Los Angeles Rams

Last week the Denver Broncos went to New York and laid an egg against the New York Jets. The Jets running game to the tune of 323 yards blasted their famous defense. That is not a usual performance by the Broncos defense. If they have that same kind of performance this week against the Los Angeles Rams the results could become even worse. What do the Broncos need to do to beat the Rams? Here are three keys to a Denver victory.


It is going to be COLD for the game. The Denver Broncos need to use this to their advantage. They are used to that type of weather. The boys from California, not so much. Therefore, the Broncos need to control the football and keep that Los Angeles Rams defense on the field as long as possible.

Stop Todd Gurley

Again, with the weather being the way it is supposed to be it is a prime game for the running backs. I would expect to see a ground and pound mentality with maybe 30 carries. Thus, the Denver Broncos do not want a repeat performance of the Jets game. They need to stop Gurley early and often and make Jared Goff beat them in the elements.

Special Teams

This game could come down to kicking. Both kickers are experienced in kicking in bad weather. Brandon McManus has been with the Denver Broncos long enough to be used to kicking in the elements. On the other side, Cairo Santos spent time with the Kansas City Chiefs. He, too, has the experience of kicking in bad conditions. Therefore, it could come down to which kicker is more clutch.

This is the trap game of all trap games that the Los Angeles Rams did not want. Bad weather, a pissed off football team, and a division opponent next week. The conditions are right for an upset win by the Denver Broncos. Can they do it? Tune in Sunday to find out.

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