Blindspot: 3 Burning Questions Heading Into Season 4

Season 4 of Blindspot is set to air Friday, October 12 and for fans who are caught up and have waited patiently after the explosive ending to Season 3, it’s about to get messy. While attending New York Comic Con this past week, the cast of Blindspot awarded fans an exclusive look into the first episode of Season 4. If you remember the ending with Jane losing her memory and Remy regaining hers, then you know this could be the best season yet for the NBC show.

Without giving too much away, here are 3 questions heading into Season 4 of Blindspot.

Is Remi The Real Deal?

At the beginning of Blindspot, were you a bit skeptical of the memory loss that Jane suffered when she came out of the duffel bag in Times Square? At first, I thought she was playing the FBI but as the show went on, we learned that she was telling the truth. Her mother and brother did inject her with Zip and while she was there to be undercover, Jane became a part of the team and fell in love.

But in the Season 3 finale, her alter-ego or the person she really is resurfaced. Now, no one in the team knows this and that is how Season 4 opens. But it still begs the question if Jane/Remi is telling the truth or not? If so, then how long before the team catches on and when they do, what will happen not only between the members but what about her and Kurt’s marriage?

At What Point Did Tasha Become Evil?

Zapata has always been a mystery but still had just a bit if that soft side that made her approachable. I admit she has some demons in her closet but double-crossing her friends at the end of Season 3, I did not see coming. After everything she’s been through with the FBI and then the CIA, are we really to believe that this is not some covert mission for one of the organizations?

But what if we’re wrong and she really has turned? Season 3 also ended with she and Reed finally getting together but Tasha left Reed behind to set some sinister plan in motion. If it comes out that Tasha has indeed turned for the worse, will Reed and the rest of the team be able to take her down or kill her if necessary?

How much More Of Rich Dot Com Will We See?

When Rich first made his appearance on Blindspot, his comedic approach as a villain was legendary. When fans got the news that he would be returning in a reoccurring role in Season 3, we were ecstatic. While Rich did not appear in every episode, last season, we should expect a heavy dosage of him in season 4.

I will say that from the first scene in Season 4, he does what he does best and that is adding humor to a dark situation the team finds themselves in. All I know is that we need more of Rich Dot Com in Season 4.

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