South Carolina Gamecocks: Three Things to Watch Against Texas A&M

The South Carolina Gamecocks return home this week to face the Texas A&M Aggies. The Gamecocks are coming off of a dramatic win over Missouri.

South Carolina has yet to defeat Texas A&M since they have entered the SEC.

However, this is a winnable game. So let’s look at three things that need to happen to achieve that goal.



The biggest question entering this week is who will be the starting quarterback. Will it be last week’s starter Michael Scarnecchia or three-year starter Jake Bentley? In his weekly press conference yesterday, Will Muschamp said if Jake was healthy he will start.

As good as Scarnecchia played last week, Muschamp is correct in making this call. As I said in the Missouri game recap, that wasn’t exactly the ’85 Bears he faced last week. If Bentley can’t go, at least you now know that Scarnecchia is capable.

As bad as Bentley has played at times this season, he is still a better option to lead the South Carolina Gamecocks.



The injury to D.J. Wonnum may have been the biggest of the season so far for the Gamecocks. Not only is Wonnum a tremendous pass rusher but he seals the edge better than most. This has been a bugaboo for Carolina all season.

Keir Thomas has done an admirable job given his limited experience outside. However, this week, the Aggies will test the edge a lot. Kellen Mond is at his best moving the pocket. Trayveon Williams is a fabulous running back. He gets to the edges quickly.

Kentucky and Missouri had various levels of success running the football on the South Carolina Gamecocks front seven.


There hasn’t been much consistency with the South Carolina Gamecocks running game this season. Against Coastal Carolina and Vanderbilt, Carolina looked like world beaters. They were completely shut down by Georgia. Against Kentucky and Missouri, they managed some success, but not enough.

There has to be consistency there. This is especially true on third and short. It seems they are getting no push in short yardage situations.

How do you feel about the South Carolina Gamecocks matchup with Texas A&M? Let us know in the comments!

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