Pittsburgh Steelers: James Conner Should Start at RB in Week 8

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, the struggles on offense are real. What can we attribute that to? Is it the lack of focus on the players, the lack of missing players, or a new offensive coordinator? All of these could be a factor. Nonetheless, they are getting one piece back. On the other hand, are they? Le’Veon Bell is returning to the team during the week seven bye. However, even though he is returning should he get the starters role? Not so fast. James Conner might have some say on Bell’s return.

Conner has led the Steelers in the same way that Bell has. He has two 100-yard rushing games on the season. Those came week one against the Cleveland Browns and week five against the Atlanta Falcons. While he may not have five 100-yard rushing games, he is just a versatile as Le’Veon Bell.

Bell is looking for a large payday. He thinks that he is not only a running back but also a wide receiver. Well so is James Conner. Conner is third on the team in receiving yards and receptions. He has 239 yards on 22 receptions. Two games he has been perfect when targeted.

Indeed, there is a case for James Conner staying in his starting role when Le’Veon Bell returns. We all know the value that Bell brings. Not only to the Steelers but to the NFL as well. He puts butts in the seats. Although, sometimes being privileged by a franchise is what causes some problems among players.

In this case, Bell should not get his starting job back. He has put his team in a bind when it comes to the running back position. In fact, if not for James Conner, the Steelers may not be in the position they are in.

Therefore, if the Pittsburgh Steelers are smart they will not cater to Le’Veon Bell. They should continue to make sure that James Conner sees a prominent role in the offense. Thus keeping the comradery of a winning team in focus.

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