Washington Redskins: Good, Bad, and WTF vs New Orleans Saints

On Monday night, The Washington Redskins laid one of the biggest eggs in the tenure of Jay Gruden. This has been a common problem during the five years that Gruden has been the head coach of the Skins. They do not show up the week following a bye or in primetime. Especially on Monday Night Football. This game was over from the first drive. Thus, we look at the Good, Bad, and WTF from the Monday Night Massacre.

The Good

Run Defense

This was about the only good thing from a game that was not good on Monday. The Washington Redskins run defense was good. They held the New Orleans Saints run game to only 98 yards. They only averaged 3.1 yards per carry. While the rest of the defense did not show up, the stout run defense stays prevalent.

The Bad

Pass Defense

Going into this game, the Redskins were the best defense in the league. However, Drew Brees challenged them and won big. Brees only had three incomplete passes on the night. He also had three TDs and zero INTs. The secondary for the Washington Redskins may have just stayed in the hotel Monday. There may have been a better performance than what was on the field.

Alex Smith

I am one that believes the Redskins made an improvement by going with Smith over Kirk Cousins. However, on this night, he looked nothing of the sort. He had happy feet all night long. Smith never seemed comfortable running the offense. The Saints ranked 30th against the pass coming into Monday Night. The Skins made the Saints look like the best in the league.

Run Game

While the run defense was of the Washington Redskins was solid, the run game was not. For starters, they only ran the ball 18 times. I understand they were behind early. Nonetheless, it was still at a point where Jay Gruden could run the ball. He completely abandoned the run way too early. Thus, leading to an inept offense.


Josh Norman

WTF did he say that got him benched to open the second half. I mean the secondary was playing bad enough. Yes, right now, I would not consider Norman to be the best cornerback on the team. In any case, not having Norman out there only opened up the secondary even more for the NFL passing king.

Jay Gruden

WTF does he do with primetime games? The Washington Redskins are 4-7 during Gruden’s tenure in primetime. They are atrocious on MNF, 1-7. The team performs much better on Sunday Night Football. Here they are 3-0. It seems that the extra day make Gruden loopy and he forgets what the hell he is doing.

While the Washington Redskins lost this game, Monday Night, there is a silver lining. They remain alone in first place in the NFC East. That is because the rest of the division lost as well. In order for this to stay this way going forward, heads need to roll at Redskins Park.

Next up or the Washington Redskins is a home game against the Carolina Panthers. How will the Redskins respond?

How do you feel about the performance of the Washington Redskins on Monday Night? Leave a comment below.

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