This Is Us: Should We Worry About Kate?

This Is Us just started it’s third season and we’re already elbow deep in intrigue. The Pearson family has kept us captivated and sad throughout the first two seasons. Season 3 doesn’t look to slow down any time soon. One of the biggest storylines is the relationship between Kate and Toby and their wish to have a child. Between her struggles with her weight and Toby’s decision to flush his anti-depressant medication down the toilet.


While the main plot point will focus on whether they will indeed get pregnant, beneath the surface they may be foreshadowing a sad future for Kate. In season 2 the shift between Toby being the friendly outsider to an accepted family member begins to unravel. While showing the usual acceptance of a loving and caring significant other into the family isn’t cause to throw up the red flag, something doesn’t seem right. Now that the family is growing closer to Toby, it would be odd for the family to let him slip back into his depressed state.

Being the ray of sunshine that lightens up the room with optimism and witty humor isn’t easy to undo, especially with the love and support of the Pearson family. Since This Is Us likes to throw us the most heartbreaking curves, what if it’s not the medication at all that causes him to slip back into an old habit. We’ve already seen Kate lose a child once before and the couple rallied. Would the show go as far as Kate having complications with childbirth? It seems at this point it would have to be something that big to take the shows most fun-loving character and break him down to nothing.

Hopefully, for fans, the show chooses to go another route. In a time where many women are struggling with body weight an image, it’ll be more important for Kate’s story to unfold as she overcame the weight loss battles. While we all love a good tear jerker and the connection and closeness to these characters, losing yet another would be too over the top. Maybe Toby’s struggle is because of Kate’s success. Could she make it through with no setbacks and the joy of wanting to be there for her child finally push her to lose the weight? Even then, Toby would be over the moon to see Kate happy. So to dip that deep into depression there has to be something more than the medication. Hopefully, we find out soon.

This Is Us airs season 3 episode 3 tonight at 9 pm EST.

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