Florida Gators: A Look Back at the Win Over LSU

The Florida Gators were underdogs at home this week against the number 5 ranked LSU Tigers. This is one of the best rivalries in all of college football. It lived up to that and then some. This is what the SEC is all about. Everyone in the conference is chasing the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Gators would surprise the experts and pull an upset.


The LSU Tigers came out fast and showed the Gators why they were ranked number 5. They would score on just ten plays and take a 7-0 lead. The teams would go back and forth on drives with just one turnover, and six punts and LSU would be up 7-0 after the first quarter. The start of the second quarter the Florida Gators would get a tying touchdown. Just three drives later the Tigers would get a field goal and lead 10-7. The Gators would get a touchdown right before the end of the half, taking a 14-10 lead.

Starting the second half, the Gators would get the ball but turn over via an interception. The teams would each have two drives a piece. The third quarter would end as LSU would get a field goal the game would a 14-13 after 3. After three straight punts, LSU would get a touchdown but miss the two-point conversation and lead 19-14. The Gators would answer very quickly and retake the lead 21-19. The Florida Gators defense would come up big on the next two LSU possessions. They would get a pick 6 and take a 27-19 lead, and that is the way the game ended.



This was a statement game for the Florida Gators. This was a big win after a victory last week in Starkville. They came out and saw LSU drive right down and score. They never panicked, and their defense showed up. This was their advantage coming into the week with a banged-up LSU offensive line. The biggest part was their two back to back interceptions at the end of the game. This sealed the victory for the Gators and now moving forward they look good. The offense also looked good, so they are starting to come together.

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