Kings Island: What’s Going To Be Built At The Site Of Firehawk?

What’s going to be the replacement for Firehawk at Kings Island? This question is stumping many enthusiasts. We know the land will be used as part of a potential 2020 attraction. There’s been a lot of chatter from guests of the park. Some ideas seem farfetched. Meanwhile, others have a distinct possibility of happening.

The two rumors we hear often are a giga coaster or an RMC of some kind. Both are extremely likely to happen. A betting man would choose the giga. Kings Island need of one seeing as most of the busier parks in the Cedar Fair chain (Cedar Point, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, Canada’s Wonderland) have them.

In saying that, an RMC is also an awesome choice for Kings Island. Some have suspected Racer to be getting the conversion. It’s also possible we get an entirely new RMC. The hot rumor is that Son Of Beast will be returning, not as a wood coaster, but an RMC hybrid. That’s going to be an impressive coaster.

We can safely assume it’s going to be one of these different coasters. Perhaps the Giga takes the place of Firehawk. This might open the door for an RMC Racer as soon as 2021. Therefore, if we are indeed getting a new RMC on the Firehawk site, the Giga could still be built at the park. In fact, There’s a lot of room to build at Kings Island.

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with a Giga or RMC. However, there’s a small chance Kings Island takes this in a different direction and goes with a wing coaster or launched coaster. That’s probably not the case, though. Kings Island has been rumored for a Giga the last 5 years. The RMC has some very credible indications of a possible build as well.

Cedar Fair isn’t afraid to spend money. Indeed, Kings Island is a marquee park for them. Thus, it’s surprising they took out Firehawk. You’d think a coaster that’s so popular would be guaranteed to stay. There’s got to be something big in the works.

A lot of speculation will be going around for 2020 and beyond. The removal of Firehawk is just the start of the Kings Island’s master plan.

What is your favorite coaster at King’s Island? Leave a comment below.

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