Aquaman: The 5 Minute Trailer

DC’s latest Aquaman looks to be shaping up as something special. Director James Wan looks to put his own stamp on the often criticized character and based on the latest trailer, he’s coming out swinging. With visual effects that look to rival any other big-budget superhero films, Aquaman looks stunning. Between the fight scenes and the underwater battles, the special effects team had to have many late nights.

If we learned anything from this trailer its how far they wanted to distance themselves from past iterations of the character as well as staying true to form. Aquaman looks to pay homage to the title character throughout Arthur Curry’s history while ushering a cooler, edgier hero. Jason Momoa’s witty charm will bring a lighter tone to the character and bring out a more relatable Arthur. On top of distancing themselves from the previous iterations, Aquaman looks to distance itself from the superhero films before it.


With the one hit in the current DCEU universe being Wonder Woman, this latest trailer has moments that echo Wonder Woman’s success. So far, every character in the trailer looks like they took them right off of the pages of the comics. One of the biggest struggles that DC and Warner Bros. have faced so far, was connecting on-screen personas to their comic counterpart. Fans have been too turned off with the liberties the films have taken with character adaptations. Aquaman looks to fix that as Black Manta, Mera, and Arthur look like they were drawn right into the film. Aside from the tattoos, even the dreaded orange and green suit play well in the live-action version.

If DC wants to have success, they not only need Aquaman to distance itself from their past failures but from the Marvel comparisons as well. When the first trailer dropped, it gained comparisons to Marvel’s Black Panther on social media. While there are similarities in the story, the latest trailer shows just how different the two films will be. At no point in the 5-minute trailer did it seem close to Black Panther. Of course, some could probably still make the connection but eventually will end up grasping at straws. Every superhero film, from day one until now, will have similar themes. However, Aquaman feels different enough to still have an enjoyable movie. James Wan appears to have put the time and effort into the respect the character has searched for over the years.

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