Paradise PD: Gerald Is Going To Get Caught At Some Point

Gerald has the entire Paradise PD fooled. He’s the dealer of Argyle Meth. At the end of season 1, it was Rusty who unknowingly took the blame for it and was arrested. Will Kevin ever crack the case and find out Gerald’s true identity?

We don’t know why Gerald is the one behind the Argyle Meth distribution. He’s suffering from PTSD. He’s got a lot going on in life. Thus, having involvement in the drug game is walking a fine line. With Rusty getting accused of being the traitor of the police force, Gerald has himself a bit more time. Although, with Kevin on the case, who knows how much longer that’ll be.

As far as the Paradise PD thinks, the Argyle Meth distributor is behind bars. Kevin was so determined to find the culprit. There must be a part of him who thinks Rusty isn’t the one responsible. He’s such a clueless individual, and him being the one in charge of the operation just seems unlikely.


In saying that, to suspect Gerald of the crime isn’t something Kevin or anyone on Paradise PD will do. He took a bullet in the line of fire. Gerald and Kevin bonded in the hospital room. There’s no chance of Kevin catching on to his evil ways without some big break in the case.

Gina might be the only one who 100% knows Rusty is innocent. She’s in love with him, and won’t let him go despite his clueless nature and alleged drug dealing. Her police work will probably be what sets Rusty free.

Who knows if Gina finds out Gerald is the culprit. That’s something the entire department will need to figure out. However, Gerald has the upper hand because he knows their every move. It’ll be really interesting to see how he proceeds with life as usual. Although, I’d fully expect them to catch Gerald at some point.

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