DC Universe’s Harley Quinn: A Different Kind of Harley

When DC Entertainment announced their plans for a Harley Quinn television show, everyone assumed it would be a live-action version. After all, they announced Titans as live-action as well as Swamp Thing so it was safe to assume that they’d follow suit with Harley Quinn. Now that we’ve got an official trailer, it looks as if we’re getting an animated version voiced by The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco.


The hardest part of going forward with an animated version will be the comparison to the previous iterations of the character. Growing up where the gold standard for the character was the Batman: The Animated Series where Arleen Sorkin first introduced us to the character. From there, Tara Strong would take the character to a whole new level in multiple cartoons, animated films, and video games. Now the character was brought into the spotlight again when Margot Robbie took up her version of Harley Quinn in DC’s Suicide Squad.

It’s safe to say, Cuoco will have big shoes to fill. The toughest part will be differentiation of the character from the original animated version, her video games, all while staying true to the character’s roots and mannerisms. Fans who’ve grown up with the 1990’s version and beyond will have to get used to a new voice. From the trailer, the Cuoco’s animated version seems to be more adult. Sitting with Poison Ivy, the two take shots at DC’s dark tone, Marvel’s pulling off the Deadpool animated series, and even Batman. A few jokes and a bleeped out F-bomb eludes to Harley Quinn’s more adult theme on DC Universe’s new streaming service.

Kaley Cuoco’s stint on The Big Bang Theory is soon coming to an end. Thus, she will have to look for new projects. With Harley Quinn, there’s a huge fan following. If the animated series is any sort of success this could lock Cuoco into the character for years. While their movies have been up for much criticism, the animated films and television have a raging success. The edgy character with a more adult approach could help boost the streaming service into the spotlight. Lacking in original content on launch, DC Universe will need to have a strong showing in season one. Could Harley Quinn help be the catalyst draw in the masses? I guess we’ll have to wait until 2019 to find out.

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