WWE Rumors: Team Angle vs. Team Corbin at Survivor Series?

The WWE is entering a busy time of the year. No, it’s not WrestleMania season. However, the WWE has another six events to wrap up the calendar year. Between this writing and the end of the year, you have the Super Showdown, Evolution, Crown Jewel, Survivor Series, and TLC. If you add-on NXT War Games, then it’s seven events for the WWE. It seems we may finally see the direction that WWE will be booking as they head into Survivor Series.


While you will have your typical Raw vs. Smackdown matches, there is rumbling on using the traditional five-on-five match for a major storyline on Raw. It seems that we could be looking at a team Corbin vs. Team Angle match for control of Raw. When Angle was let go from the General Manager role on Raw, I wrote a piece talking about how I figured they were setting up some sort of feud between the two. With Survivor Series only being a few weeks away, the WWE needs to get the ball rolling with who will be on each team. It’s easy to tell who the majority of the team would be.

If the recent booking is any indication, then Team Angle would be the Shield and one other person against Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and one other person. The biggest question that will need to be answered is who the final member(s) of the team would be. As we have seen, you can get a five on five setting or a four on four setting. If you go the five-on-five, then I would add Authors of Pain to Team Corbin. On the flip side, I would add the B-team to Team Angle. I know it’s a bit out there to add the B-team but there are no other face teams to put in there. If they go the four on four setting, then I would add Corbin and Angle to the respective teams.

We should know more in the next several weeks and it should be interesting to watch how it all unfolds.

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