NBA: Where Should Kevin Durant go in Free Agency?

OAKLAND, Calif. (Oct. 3, 2018)- It’s no secret that at the end of this upcoming season, the Golden State Warriors are going to have a lot of decisions on their hands.  Their biggest is superstar Kevin Durant, who has the option of opting into a four year 160 million dollar contract this offseason. Warriors General Manager Bob Myers spoke recently saying that Kevin Durant would get “whatever deal he wants.” With Kevin Durant, there seems to be two roads ahead of him. The easy route that would practically guarantee him at least two more rings in Golden State. Or the hard path that would be the better option for his legacy overall.

After originally announcing that he would become a Golden State Warrior, social media erupted into a frenzy, some calling it the “weakest move they’ve ever seen.” Durant said that it would be moving “out of his comfort zone” and that he was doing what was best for him as a player and a man. After joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant helped co-lead the team to back to back championships. This offseason he has another decision to make. One that he said he would be “transparent” about when the time comes.


In the scope of fans of the NBA, any championship or accolade that Kevin Durant earns has a massive asterisk on it.  Most because he joined the team that knocked out his team in game seven just a few months prior. But that’s a story for another day. One thing about the NBA is there are a lot more player fans in this sport. Moreso than any other sport in the American landscape. One notable example is Lebron James, who’s now on his third team and his stock could not be any higher. So what does Kevin Durant do in this offseason? Take the easy route?

Let’s assume the reason that KD has been on edge in interviews is that this negative press about his legacy has been bugging him. How does he shake that? He has to join a team at the absolute bottom of the barrel. Anything less would be just more fuel to the fire.  During the summer while KD was practicing for team USA basketball, Durant seemed to get along quite well with Devin Booker. We know that it was a text from Stephen Curry that swayed Durant to come to the Golden State Warriors, to begin with. Could the same happen in the valley of the sun? It could happen.

The best thing for Kevin Durant’s legacy would be to sign with the Phoenix Suns during the offseason. Although they had the number one draft pick last season, they’re a mostly young roster looking for a polished veteran leader (sorry Tyson Chandler). What if Durant not only went to Phoenix but helped mentor younger guys like Booker and Ayton? What if he got them to, at the minimum, the conference championship of the playoffs? His legacy would be almost completely restored in the court of public opinion, guaranteed.

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