Politics: One Major Similarity Between Donald Trump and Brett Kavanaugh

It seems that in while Trump has been in office, it has been a circus. The latest act to the Trump Circus comes at the hearings of Supreme court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Back on July 2nd, Judge Kavanaugh was one of four possible judges to have a phone interview with President Trump. Trump was looking to replace former Supreme Court judge, Anthony Kennedy. It seemed that everything was going smoothly, and Kavanaugh would be on the Supreme Court in no time. Then, the shit would hit the fan as sexual allegations started to come up against him.

Towards the end of August and start of September, we would end up having three different women come forward with sexual allegations against Mr. Kavanagh. This lead to an all-day hearing of one of the victims, Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. Both parties ended up having very compelling arguments. However, the biggest thing I noticed with Kavanagh was that he made this into a joke. When people accuse you of sexual assault, joking should be the last thing on your mind. This shouldn’t come as a shocker to people. I know they aren’t related, but it seems that Kavanagh and Trump both come from the same mindset of making jokes out of terrible things.

For most of Trump’s presidency, he has laughed off the concept of his “affair” with Stormy Daniels. For the better part of a couple of hours, Kavanagh was essentially doing the same thing with Ford. Her account of what happened should be enough to not allow the nomination to happen. It seems to be that won’t be the case and he will probably receive the nomination. The feeling is that it happened so long ago that she may be looking for attention. Yes, it has been a long time that Ford had between when the incident happened and coming out on it. However, what people seem to forget is how would this have affected Kavanagh if he wasn’t going for the Supreme Court chair. His actions damaged her life, so she was waiting for the chance to deliver karma back to him.

As the old saying goes, “Karma is a bitch”.

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