Big Mouth: Three Things to Look for in Season Two

The Netflix original show Big Mouth returns for its second season on October 5th. The show, created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin, follow the lives of a group of adolescent friends struggling through the journey of puberty. The show mainly focuses on the lives of Andrew Glouberman, Nick Birch and Jessi Glaser. Tagging along the whole way as the “angel/devil” on the shoulder are the Hormone Monster a.k.a Maurice and Hormone Monstress a.k.a Connie. Season one ended with quite a few cliffhangers including Jessie’s parents getting divorced. This article will list 3 things to look for in the upcoming season.

What will Nick’s puberty experience be like?

At the end of the final episode, Nick is finally visited by the Hormone Monster. Earlier in the episode, you recall Nick having an interview with Maurice to see if he was ready for puberty. After a crazy adventure in the season finale, Maurice visits Nick and leaves him with his first “gift” of puberty which is a couple of pubic hairs.

However, he tells Nick that he won’t be working directly with him but his other Hormone Monster Rick, who we saw was Coach Steve’s monster earlier in the season. The question now is how will his experience differ from his best friend Andrew Glouberman’s? Andrew was more shy and embarrassed about the whole situation.

It will be interesting to see how the cool and charismatic Nick handles the onslaught of puberty. Although, Nick isn’t any stranger to a lack of confidence. In one episode he was self-conscious about the size of his penis. Also, how will his trusted companion Duke (the ghost of Duke Ellington) help him on his journey through puberty?


How will the Jessie storyline play out?

Over the course of Big Mouth season 1, the viewer gets glimpses into each character’s life at home. For Jessie, it was two parents who seemed to have lost the spark in their marriage. In one episode where Nick and Andrew go to New York City, they see Jessie’s mom kissing another woman. It was told to be kept a secret but that secret was exposed at her Bat mitzvah. The last scene you see with Jessie is her running away on the back of a truck with Jay Bilzerian.

Jessie’s story arc brings in the female version of puberty which is highlighted by the Hormone Monstress. The Hormone Monstress takes her through the emotional rollercoasters of puberty while also dealing with her parental situation. It will be worth seeing not only how Jessie interacts with her parents moving forward, but also the relationship with her friends. And will she and Jay be a couple next season or was it just a hormonal spur of the moment fling?

New Characters

Big Mouth Season two not only brings back everyone from season one but also introduces two new characters. The first new character is a girl named Gina voiced by actor Gina Rodriguez. Based on the trailer for the upcoming season it is clear the arrival of Gina shakes up the dynamic of the friend group and introduces another aspect in the world of puberty.

The other new character is the Shame Wizard voiced by David Thewlis. Although he was in the trailer for a brief second it is clear his role in the show will be the enemy of the hormone monster. Making Andrew and anyone else feel shame for what their bodies are going through during puberty.

Have any other thoughts or things to look for in Big Mouth season two? Leave a comment below.


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