Kentucky Kingdom: Park Made a Good Decision by Adding Kentucky Flyer

Kentucky Kingdom will soon have a brand new coaster. Called Kentucky Flyer, this Gravity Group creation will be their 6th coaster. It’s a family coaster, which means everyone can ride. It’s sure to be a great addition to this expanding park.

A lot of speculation went on as to what Kentucky Kingdom had up their sleeves for a new attraction. There was a highly unlikely rumor of Kings Island’s recently closed, Firehawk, getting moved to the park. There were those who suggested another flat ride. However, not many would have predicted a wooden family coaster.

If Kentucky Kingdom were to get any new coaster, it would have been a new steel creation. A Gravity Group woodie was unexpected. This is an excellent decision by the park, as adding more family rides is essential to taking business from Kings Island and Holiday World. It’s puzzling, though, because Kentucky Kingdom already has a wooden coaster in Thunder Run, and to a certain extent, Storm Chaser.

With only six coasters at the park, three of them are wood. Thunder Run, a Dinn Corporation coaster that opened in 1990. There’s also Storm Chaser, the RMC Hybrid which boasts steel track and wooden supports. That’s a lot of wood for one park. Making Kentucky Flyer a family coaster sets it apart from the others. It’s just a bit puzzling they decided on another wood coaster.


Whatever you may think of a wooden family coaster, Kentucky Kingdom is starting to become a significant player in the Amusement Park industry. Kentucky Flyer isn’t going to set records. Although, this coaster might sway the opinions of the families debating on a trip to Kings Island and Holiday World. In the end, it’s all about providing the guest with the best experience possible.

As for the coaster itself, Kentucky Flyer, which again is made by Gravity Group, will have some impressive stats. You’ll go at a max speed of 35 mph, go down a drop of 52 ft, and get 12 airtime moments. Being that Gravity Group is one of the premier coaster manufacturers in the world, you can bet Kentucky Flyer is going to deliver.

Kentucky Kingdom’s decision to go wooden family coaster surprised a lot of people. This might be one of the best decisions park management has made. Adding Kentucky Flyer will bring in a lot more families. It’s not what many had expected, but Kentucky Kingdom is growing every year. What will they do next?


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