2019 NFL Draft: Checking in on the Preseason Top QB Prospects

Since I haven’t written any NFL Draft content in a while, I figured it was time to revisit the subject. Over at my home base, Deep Fried Draft, I last updated my prospect rankings in late August. That will change soon. However, I thought we could revisit the top QBs available for the 2019 NFL Draft. I want to take a look at how they have fared so far in 2018.

Are there any shakeups? Are there any newcomers to the group? Let’s find out!

2019 NFL Draft: Preseason Top QB Prospects

Justin Herbert, 6’4” 225, Jr, Oregon

My opinion of Herbert has not changed. If anything, my belief he is the top QB prospect for the 2019 NFL Draft has only grown. Herbert has looked phenomenal in the two games I have watched. Against Stanford, he threw two incomplete passes during regulation. Herbert’s first TD pass against Cal on Saturday was indeed something to behold.

Hebert needs to take care of the ball better. He is average one pick per game. However, in a class lacking in sure things, Herbert seems to be the best bet.

Jarrett Stidham, 6’2” 210, Jr, Auburn

I am climbing off of the Stidham bandwagon for now. For the second straight season, he folded like a cheap tent in the second half against LSU. His productivity in 2018 has plummeted as well. For now, I am not confident in Stidham as an NFL QB.

Tyree Jackson, 6’7” 245, Jr, Buffalo

Jackson is going to be boom-or-bust. There is going to be no middle ground here. I believe his ceiling is Cam Newton while his floor is Josh Allen. Jackson can make throws that no other QB in this class can make. Unfortunately, his mechanics can cause him some grief along the way. He struggled against Army this week.

The team that drafts Jackson ideally would have a veteran in place that he can sit behind for a year or two.


Drew Lock, 6’3” 205, Sr, Missouri

A new season and we get the same struggles for Drew lock. Anytime he plays up in competition he struggles to make plays. He was outclassed by Georgia two weeks ago. I can’t get behind Lock as a first-round prospect.

Jake Bentley, 6’3” 223, Jr, South Carolina

I wrote on Saturday night that I had lost all confidence in Bentley to be a good passer. There is no way he should enter the 2019 NFL Draft. His mechanics are terrible at this point. Bentley needs a complete re-boot before I will rank him as a draftable QB again.

Will Grier, 6’2” 204, Sr, West Virginia

Will the Thrill is off to a terrific start in 2018. He Is completing 72% of his passes thus far with a 17/3 TD/INT ratio. Grier has a slight frame. It hasn’t gotten him into trouble so far. He also doesn’t have the strongest arm. What Grier does have is incredible timing and football IQ. I don’t know if Grier is a first rounder, but I think he will start at some point in the NFL.



Brian Lewerke, 6’3” 212, Jr, Michigan State

Lewerke was not even on my radar before the season started. Then I saw Kyle Crabbs of The Draft Network talking him up. I had to take a look for myself.

Lewerke is a phenomenal pocket passer. He has plus arm strength. I want to watch his games against the Big Three of the Big Ten East before I settle my evaluation. But so far I like what I see.

Steven Montez, 6’4” 225, Jr, Colorado

Montez is a project for sure. Not unlike Tyree Jackson, the upside is off the charts. Per NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright, clubs are starting to take notice. Through four games in 2018, Montez is completing 75% of his passes. He moves the pocket well. Montez can also make plays with his legs. Keep an eye on him.

Dwayne Haskins, 6’2” 210, rSoph, Ohio State

Haskins has only started four games for the Buckeyes, but his numbers have been downright ridiculous. Haskins is completing 70% of his throws. He has thrown 19 TDs to only two interceptions. Like Lewerke, I need to see him against the other Big Ten East powers before I entirely pass judgment.

Who do you think are the top QB prospects for the 2019 NFL Draft?

Let us know in the comments!

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