Opinion – Hockey, What Am I Missing Out On?

In the sports world, either you’re all in on hockey as a die-hard fan, or it’s the winter version of soccer, two sports you’ll never watch. They fall just above Golf in much of the sporting community’s mind. If you didn’t grow up in a hockey family then chances are you don’t follow the sport. Hockey isn’t filling stadiums with casual fans. They’re the die-hard backbones of the sport. The other side of the coin’s friends have raved about hockey and you just can’t get into it. You’ve tried, sat through games, learned the lingo, and still just don’t get it.


Myself, I am the latter of the two. I’ve been to local hockey games, drank a few beers, had a good time, but still can’t get into the sport on a regular basis. With the season kicking off this Wednesday, October 3rd, again, I’ll try to give the sport a second try. I seem to be on the outside looking in with the rest of the world. As an avid follower of sports I respect the passion of hockey fans. They’re right up there with soccer fans, but in a world dominated by football, baseball, and basketball these two sports have fallen to the back burner.

So where does a non-fan start?

Do I jump on the bandwagon with the rest of the fans with the Las Vegas Golden Knights?

Do I ride the wave of last year’s championship success with the Washington Capitals?

Or do I latch on to the bottom feeders and hope for the underdog story of the once proud New York Rangers or Buffalo Sabres?

The season hasn’t even begun yet and I’m already overwhelmed. With how entertaining hockey fans can be and with how passionate they are, I just can’t stand idly by and not give the sport a shot. Without the knowledge of pomp and circumstance of the offseason acquisitions, it’ll be hard to nail down a team to pull for. Not only that, unless there’s a jockey buff attached at the hip, picking up the game will take all season. Hockey looks like it was the party we were never invited to. Will this season be the year I finally learn to follow or is it really as boring as they say?

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