New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox: Renew the Rivalry

Ever since the New York Yankees moved to their new stadium, the rivalry with the Boston Red Sox doesn’t seem to be the same. The Yankee magic seems to be gone and the two teams are shells of their former selves. The Yankees remained moderately competitive and the Sox have teetered between good and terrible. A change in the talent level for the two teams has shifted to a youth movement. Each season the two teams fight for the best free agents available. They compete more than just on the field. They’re two of the more historic franchises in baseball history and each have their share of die-hard fans.


Now the postseason is just a couple of days away, Major League Baseball needs the rivalry to renew. With all the press both good and bad surrounding the NFL and the super teams of the NBA, MLB is falling fast behind on noteworthy stories. While there is an ever-growing list of young talent in the league, there’s no bigger draw than the Yankees and Redsox, especially in the postseason. Yankees fans live to rub in the 80+ years of failure the Red Sox endured, and Red Sox fans love to shut up Yankees fans about their 27 championships. Each love to watch the other fail. Whether one or the other is swept or it goes a full series, there’s always the off chance that the other will come back and spoil the plans of their opponent.

Sure, there are plenty of deserving teams that should enjoy postseason recognition. Neither need to win the World Series for the postseason to be a success. However, in order to bring the edge back to baseball the MLB needs the Yankees and Boston Red Sox rivalry. No other teams in the history of the sport have the back and forth that these two teams bring.

Both teams have pitching and bats to change the momentum at any point and that’s what draws them in. There might not be a better time for this rivalry to be renewed. Both finally seem like they’re back to their old powerhouse ways. If this postseason has any feeling of the season’s before, carrying into the next season will reinvigorate a slow and boring sport. Baseball hasn’t had a dominant dynasty in a while so the flare of knocking off the top dog is gone. If the MLB postseason is to be a success, the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry needs to be the catalyst.

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