Los Angeles Lakers- LeBron James won’t bring a title to LA for some time

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in all the National Basketball Association. In the 70 years that the Lakers have been around for, they have appeared in the playoffs 60 times. Within those 60 playoff trips, they have won the NBA finals a total of 16 times. They only trail the Boston Celtics by one. During their existence, they have had a ton of Hall of Famers play for them. Some of which include Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and others.


Over the offseason, the Lakers would end up signing LeBron James. Where Johnson, Bryant, and Jabbar were able to bring championships to Los Angles very fast into their Lakers’ run, I suspect LeBron James will eventually bring a championship to LA. It will just take some time. The Lakers as a team are nowhere near being a title contender and LeBron will need to deal with it.

The first reason is the wins. Yes, they had +18 wins in each season from 2015/2016- 2017/2018. This is an improvement from the -10 wins they would get each season from 2013/2014- 2015/2016 season. Unfortunately, they will need a major bump to just make the playoffs. You are going to need at least 48-55 wins (approximately).

If this was the Eastern Conference, then 45 wins would get you one of the top seeds. With teams like Golden State, Portland, Utah, and Houston getting better, it makes it tougher for the Lakers. You also need to look at the fact that this team is young and has little experience with playing as a unit. The guys currently on this roster are in their early 20’s and guys in their early 30’s. You should throw into account that the Lakers head coach Luke Walton is still getting his feet wet. Regarding Walton, the relationship between him and James will end up hurting the team’s chances.

While LeBron James was in Cleveland and Miami, he essentially became the head coach. The guys who were the head coach essentially became figureheads for the team. Being that Luke Walton is only entering his third season with the organization, I find it tough to believe that he would be willing to listen to LeBron James. This will lead to a clash of egos and put a dark cloud over the team this season.



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