NFL Week Four: 3 Teams on Upset Alert

Week four of the 2018 Season started with the Los Angeles Rams winning on Thursday Night. In less than 24 hours, 26 more teams take the field for their fourth attempt on this young NFL season. Many teams are looking to pick up where they left off in week three. While other teams are looking to make a name for themselves this season. Several teams are favored to win big in week four. Each week I am going to look at three teams that should be on upset alert. Here we go with week four.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers look like they have an easy test, on paper. However, last week the Buffalo Bills went into Minnesota and manhandled the Minnesota Vikings. Was this the wake-up call that the Bills were looking for? We will see. It may be a tougher task this against Aaron Rodgers. Even with him on a wheel and a half.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are riding the hot arm of QB Patrick Mahomes. However, that hot streak may all come crashing down in Denver on Monday night. This will be the toughest defense that the Chiefs have faced to date. If Mahomes and company can answer this bell, they may be in for a special season. However, it will be a tough test against the 13th ranked defense in the NFL.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Although the Jags have the number four-ranked defense in the NFL, they could be in for a test in week four. The New York Jets are averaging 26 points per game. Not bad for a team with a rookie QB.

Meanwhile, the Jets defense is only allowing 19 points per game. It will come down to which team makes the costly mistake. While Blake Bortles is the veteran, I still would not like to be in his position.

These three teams have their work cut out for them in week 4. If they do not play their cards right they could add another blemish to their 2018 NFL records.

Who do you think is on upset alert in the NFL for week 4? Leave a comment below.

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