New York Yankees: Another Wild Card Game Is Nothing To Be Excited Over

The New York Yankees are heading to the postseason, yet again. Fans are ecstatic as the Yankees try for their 28th championship. But should they really be that pumped? Yes, out of 30 MLB teams, the Yankees have made it to the top 10. That’s a great honor in itself, but the Wild Card Game, really?

The Yankees were there last year when they weren’t supposed to be and now equipped with one of the best offensive lineups ever, they are right back to where they were a year ago. How is that an improvement?

While fans will argue the “long as we made it” point, that really holds no weight. This team was assembled to dominate and they failed to do that. While they are close to winning 100 games this season, this is still a failure to me. I know, I’m a nobody to some but let’s be realistic here. A lineup that features Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Hicks, and Giancarlo Stanton should not be happy about finishing second to the Boston Red Sox in the AL East and be relieved to be facing the Oakland Athletics in the Wild Card Game next week. They should want more and were expected to do more.

There’s nothing wrong with offering the New York Yankees congrats on making the postseason, but there is something wrong with a “job well done” pat on the back. The Yankees let Joe Giradi go after exceeding expectations last season as they made it within one game of the World Series. In the offseason, they hired Aaron Boone and what did he do? He led the Yankees to the same place the Giradi breakdown begun. So what happens if the Yankees lose against the A’s? Will he lose his job as well?

Brain Cashman did all he could do during the offseason except build a pitching rotation that would have challenged the Red Sox for the division. While the Sox are home waiting, the Yankees are in a do-or-die mode for the second straight season and fans are counting this as a victory.

One game is all the Yankees have to right the ship. A season full of home runs and runs scored could all be wasted with one bad outing. What’s concerning is that they will face an A’s team they went 3-3 against while being outscored by five runs. This is one of those years where it all could go wrong. The Yankees do not have a pitcher they can count on to start the Wild Card Game. While Luis Severino is the supposedly Ace, many are calling for the recently signed J.A. Happ to be the savior, What that does is show the state the Yankees are in.

For the Yankees, making it is important. One win and they will get a clean slate. But one loss and the hounds will be out for blood. A win will open up a wave of bravado, but a loss will send the franchise into panic mode. There’s no reason to cheer unless they bring home No. 28.

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