Lifestyle: Three Misconceptions About Running Shoes

Every runner needs a decent pair of running sneakers. Whether you are buying your Asics at the best sneaker store in Australia or buying another brand online, it is important to avoid some of the more common myths about purchasing footwear. This will ensure that you buy the best shoes for you and avoid some of the trendier, but not great-for-you, products.

Barefoot is Not Better

Yes, there was this growing trend of running shoes that imitated running in your bare feet. Some of the most common misconceptions about this type of running show are that it would make you run faster because it was so light and formed literally around your feet. Unfortunately, these types of sneakers can lead to serious injury by encouraging the runner to maintain poor technique throughout running. In fact, these shoes end up stressing feet in recreational runners because they often are running with only the balls of the feet hitting the terrain. These lighter shoes will not help you run faster. Additionally, the extra cushioning and protection against the elements are often missing. Best bet? Skip these types of shoes for everyday running. Instead, use them as an alternate pair of sneakers but avoid using them long-term.


Shoes for Men versus Shoes for Women

No, not all shoes are created equal. And in this case, even though it may seem that shoes for men and women are basically interchangeable, there are a few differences that are apparent in higher end brands. The biggest difference is in the amount of comfort afforded each type of shoe. Men have larger feet, while women typically have smaller feet that are narrower. Because of this, the material in a shoe for female runners does not have the same materials and cushioning as those designed for men. So what to do? Well, if you do decide to purchase a shoe for the opposite gender, make sure that the support and cushioning fit your feet comfortably and provide enough support.

Light Shoes Make You Run Like the Wind

There is a common myth in running that the lighter the sneaker the faster you will run. We already talked about how the barefoot type of sneaker will not help you run faster, but that also is a misconception about traditional running sneakers. The biggest faster in determining your overall speed? It’s you! Yes, your body composition, weight, and technique all contribute to your overall speed. You may have a really, really light sneaker, but if you have poor form or have a bulkier build, then the lighter sneaker will not make a difference. In fact, a lighter shoe may not have enough cushion and support for your feet. If you want to become a better runner, only training for long periods of time with good technique will make you faster. Nothing beats discipline and time.

Avoid these common misconceptions about footwear for running. At the end of the day choosing the right shoes for you involves selecting a high-quality product that has good support, protects your feet from the elements, and has demonstrated longevity.

What type of running shoe is your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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