Kings Island: Saying Goodbye To Firehawk

Kings Island has made the decision to close Firehawk. Some are devastated by the news of the closure. There are others (like me) who are elated the ride is gone. Whatever your stance on the coaster might be, this is a big loss for Kings Island. Alas, we must pay our respects to one of the more unique coasters in the world.

The Vekoma Flying Dutchman isn’t a coaster you see often. Carowinds (Nighthawk) and Six Flags America (Batwing) will be the only parks to have an operating model of this flying coaster. These were the only three models built in North America. For most, especially Firehawk, they’ve had quite history

Originally built for Six Flags Geagua Lake in Northeast Ohio, Firehawk was known by the name of X-Flight. When the park got bought out by Cedar Fair (leading to its closure), the coaster made its way to Kings Island. Firehawk had an amazing 11-year run at the Southern Ohio park.

The removal of Firehawk signals something massive will take its place at Kings Island. Although, for some, the loss of this ride is going to take some time to recover from. There was a large portion of the Kings Island crowd that adored Firehawk. Some even claimed it to be the best at Kings Island.

On the flip side, there was a large population of guests that hated Firehawk. One negative, unlike the B&M flyers, Firehawk sent you up the lift hill facing up towards the sky. Most found this to be incredibly uncomfortable. This was a rough coaster as well. B&M are known for smooth rides. Vekoma wasn’t.

The decision to close Firehawk at Kings Island is one has been met with criticism. Although, they’re some who believe this isn’t the end for this ride.

Rumors about the relocation of the Vekoma coaster haven swirling. Some believe it’s going to Kentucky Kingdom. There’s a small chance it goes overseas. Any of these make sense, as it is still in operating condition. Kings Island knows they can profit on the sale of Firehawk. They’d be stupid not to try and ship it to another park.

While it wasn’t the first flyer in the world, Firehawk was one of the most unusual. There’s so much history with this coaster. It might come back to life in some other park. This could also very well be the very last flight it takes. Firehawk had a great run at Kings Island, but all things must come to an end at some point.

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