Grey’s Anatomy: 3 Burning Questions After The Season 15 Premiere

Season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy not only gave Miranda Bailey a heart attack but fans as well, While Grey’s is not known for their plot twist, we were left on the edge of our seats on many occasions. We saw a few deaths, some weddings, breakups, family reunions, coupled with more laughs and tears than we can count.

As we head into Season 15, we should expect the same.

The opening scenes of Part 1 & 2 may have given us insight into much of how Season 15 will play out. It’s no secret that Meredith Grey is the star and since Derek’s death, we’ve waited patiently for her to fall in love again.. While Mer has put herself on the bench, her sisters, Maggie and Amelia, are out making waves.

But it doesn’t end there. Miranda watched as her husband Ben left the hospital to become a firefighter. Dr. Webber is dealing with his inner demons, and the hospital lost two of their brightest doctors when Arizona and April went their separate ways. But still, ABC has done a marvelous job for 14 seasons and if Season 15 can live up to the premiere episodes, we’re in for a great ride.

Here are 3 Burning Questions after the Season 15 Premiere Of Grey’s Anatomy.

Who Will Meredith Sleep With?

Forgive me if that sounds a bit blunt but it’s clear that sex is on her mind. What’s funny is that in both of her dreams, she started off with the same guy when her subconscious have easily swapped Deluca out with someone else. Through both episodes, there was a strange chemistry between the two. Not saying that Meredith will go for the younger guy, but why not?

Another person to consider is “Ortho God”. While the writers tried their best to have us think there was and will be nothing there, we know better. From the beginning, Meredith gave him the cold shoulder. But hasn’t she done that with every man? I admit this pairing will be too easy as he’s set to be the next “McDreamy or McSteamy”, but if it’s just sex, then who cares? There could be a third player to step up to the plate but for now, my money is on Meredith and Deluca.

Is Alex Ready To Be Chief?

This was a long time coming. Season 14 to me was the “Karev Season”. He was forced to learn about himself and in the end, he came out not only a better doctor but a better man. Recently married, Alex was willing to give up his career so his wife could pursue her dreams. But wait a minute. In the process of Jo having a medical revelation, Alex somehow was awarded the role of Interim Chief of Grey Sloan Memorial. Wow! But can he handle it?

While Alex is intelligent, he’s also reckless and emotional. What made Bailey and Webber so good at their jobs was they knew when to lead and when to listen. Alex knows one way–his. Will he be able to be fair if or when Meredith goes off the handles? What happens the first time he has to reel his own wife in? While they sort of made up, how will Deluca feel about taking orders from Karev? Oh man, this is setting up for one big explosion this season.

What’s Really Going On With Jackson?

Jackson was always one of my favorite characters on Grey’s Anatomy. But now, I’m not feeling this version. It didn’t dawn on me until Maggie mentioned the PTSD that I remembered what Jackson had to go through in Season 14. For one, he lost his fortune, his ex-wife remarried and he lost his daughter. While he did manage to fall in love as he put it, this Maggie situation may not be what’s best for him at the moment. Jackson is losing it.

While with April, Jackson never believed in God. Now, he’s seeking a higher power for answers as to why things are happening to and around him. But what’s more disturbing is that he name-dropped April a good 20 times in two episodes. I get that Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t want us to forget her character, but come on. This man is in a new relationship and not once was Arizona mentioned. They can’t have Jackson fall into some deep abyss that we just watched April get out of herself, This was never his character. No need to mess it up now.

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