Cedar Point: Midnight Syndicate Once Again Puts on an Amazing Show

One of the shows I look forward to most at Cedar Point HalloWeekends is Midnight Syndicate. The goth orchestra group from Cleveland are well-known for their music across the world. They’ve spared no expense with their show this year, Conspiracy of Shadows.

You can expect something grand from Midnight Syndicate each year. They blend live music, video, and live-action into one 20 minute show. The end result is always something amazing. With Conspiracy of Shadows, they’ve upped the ante. Making this the most ambitious project to date.

Fair warning, as this show shouldn’t be watched by those who get scared easily. As with most Midnight Syndicate productions, this does have some frightening moments. Although seeing as Cedar Point puts on one of the best haunts in the country, it’s a welcome addition to the park.

Conspiracy of Shadows, like most Midnight Syndicate shows, follows a central storyline. This involved some sort of pendant that would set free spirits onto Cedar Point. The story plays out on the video screens, and at some points uses live actors. That’s where the scares come into effect.


There are two times in this show where the lights go out. You’ll have no idea what’s going on around you. There’s also a great deal of lighting and smoke effects in this, much more than previous years. Still, it shouldn’t be too aggressive. Those sensitive to these lighting effects shouldn’t be alarmed.

One thing about this show I enjoyed was the beginning video. The local Cleveland news channel does a fake report on the annual Midnight Syndicate show at Cedar Point. The whole premise is to make you think the show itself is haunted. They even shed light on last years show, tying it in the current product.

As usual, the music is also top-notch. The highlight being a very Halloween-esque track that gives you the same chills as the John Carpenter classic. Midnight Syndicate also sells their CD’s outside of the show after each performance. I myself have downloaded quite a few of their songs.

I’m not going to give the ending, or any of the show away. I’ll say that it’s the most ambitious project Midnight Syndicate has done. Cedar Point can boast that it has one of the best stage shows in the country with this. If you go to HalloWeekends seeing Midnight Syndicate should be just as important as going through a house or riding Millenium Force at night. It’s really that good.

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