Why So Much Hate For the Duke Blue Devils When All They Do Is Win?

The Duke Blue Devils have been one of the greatest college basketball programs of All-Time. Love them or hate them, they always seem to be in thick of March Madness. What you must have in college sports is recruiting. That starts with the head coach and they have one of the best All-Time in Mike Krzyzewski. He has been there since 1980. He has won many National Championships and gold medals.

Duke’s biggest rival is the North Carolina Tarheels. They’re both set an area in North Carolina called Tobacco Road. It got its name from all the tobacco that is grown. Duke, like many powerhouse programs, has produced many All-Americans and NBA talent. Coach Krzyzewski has been called an inspirator in how he runs his program. Many of his former players have said that he changed their lives and help them become the men they are today.

Even outside of North Carolina, many college basketball fans hate Duke. The main reason is that Duke wins. It’s hard for many programs to accept that but they are trying to be as good as Duke. Like every program, they all have up and downs but, in the end, they get back on the winning track. The best part about being a good program is that you attract the best high school players around the country. As those players come to your program and make it better and then they can strive for the National Championship.ON

This is the goal of any college basketball team is winning it all. They’ve participated in March Madness 31 of the past 32 years. They’ve made the tournament 27 consecutive years. The Duke Blue Devils have won 5 National Championships (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, and 2015). This will continue to be the way until Krzyzewski walks way. Duke will be a program that everyone strives to be for a long time.

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