Sacramento Kings: Buddy Hield Needs To Seize The Starting Role

Is the Bogdan Bogdanovic injury a blessing in disguise for Buddy Hield and the Sacramento Kings?

The Sacramento Kings, while not projected to contend, have a lot of talent on the roster. Hield hasn’t been able to solidify himself as a top guy due to the play of Bogdonavic.

The Serbian-born star is the focal point of the Kings’ offensive attack (that’s not saying much considering he averaged 11.8 points per game last season). Yet, he’s not the end all be all for the Kings at the shooting guard position.

We all know the story of Buddy Hield. A Collegiate Player of the Year at Oklahoma, he was assumed to be a big star in the NBA. That’s yet to happen, mostly because he’s been behind guys on the depth chart. It’s not like Hield doesn’t have the ability to overtake guys, but for some reason, he’s not been given the chance.

Looking more into Buddy Hield, his per 36-minute averages show a high production rate with 19 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 1.5 steals. Those numbers indicate that given a full share of minutes, he’s capable of being the top guy. It’s not about skill, it’s about who’s been ahead of him. With Bogdanovic out for the preseason, it’s time for Hield to step up and take the starting role.

Nobody in Sacramento would mind if Hield won the starting shooting guard role. While Bogdanovic has flashes of elite scoring, he’s not on the same pedigree of Hield. We’ve seen what he’s done at Oklahoma. Why can’t he translate that to the NBA? It probably wouldn’t take much for Hield to win the job.

There doesn’t seem to be much upside to Bogdanovic. He doesn’t possess the same per 36 averages (15.2 points per 36) as Hield and is mostly a one-dimensional player. There’s much more to Buddy Hield on the court. On the offensive side of the ball, he’s the better option.

There’s an opportunity knocking with Bogdanovic out of commission to seize the job as a Sacramento Kings starter. A good preseason might make it hard for the Kings coaching staff to take Hield out of the starting role. For a team that’s on the path to rebuilding, the answer to obtaining a legit scoring threat is Hield. They don’t have to go out and grab a free agent, he’s already in front of them.

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