What’s The State Of The New York Mets As Season Draws To A Close?

On Saturday, the New York Mets will give David Wright the send-off he deserves. He will get one last home game before he retires. Many fans want the Mets to retire his number and I have to say, I agree with them. I will also speak about the current debate over the Cy Young Award by pitcher Jacob deGrom. Because other than those two things this season, the New York Mets have been a complete and udder disaster.

Between injuries for Yoenis Cespedes, Todd Frazier, and others, this has been an awful run. If the Mets would like to return to postseason ball and to relevance, they may need to look at their Manager as Mickey Callaway has been dreadful in his first campaign. This included a batting out of order infraction this season.

David Wright

Is it the “Wright” decision to retire his number? David, while playing all of his career with the New York Mets managed to hit .296 for his career. Over 1580+ games he batted nearly 6000 times hit 242 home runs, 390 Doubles and drove in 970 Runs. He finished top 10 of MVP voting three times in his 13-year career in addition to being named to seven All-Star games. Among active players in the MLB with at least 3000 plate appearances, Wright is ranked number 17. David is also 2nd on the Mets All-Time home runs list as he sits 10 behind Darryl Strawberry. He leads the Mets Career history for most categories including Runs Batted In, Singles, Doubles, Runs Created, and Hits. In my opinion, this is the best player in Mets history and a proper way to thank him is to retire his number.

Jacob deGrom

The deGrominator! What can be said about the season he’s having on the mound? The man has taken the mound for 31 starts. Wis W-L record is 9-9. During that span, he has pitched 209 innings, struck out 259 batters with an ERA of 1.77 and WAR (wins above replacement) sits at 9.6. He is second only to Max Scherzer for WAR. He leads the league in ERA by almost a full point over Aaron Nola. As always, somehow it will come down to W/L Record and because Scherzer has 18 wins, most likely will win the Cy Young.

Here’s the thing. If you look closely at what deGrom has done, his record would be way better. For example, if he had gotten just 4 runs of support in each of his starts he would be 31-0. How about 3 runs of support (26-1) and 2 runs of support (21-6.)  With those numbers, there is no arguing Jacob deGrom from Stetson University was the best pitcher in baseball this year and those stats don’t lie.

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