South Carolina Gamecocks: Three Things to Watch Against Kentucky

The South Carolina Gamecocks enter this week’s road contest with Kentucky 2-1. The Gamecocks dominated Vanderbilt, on the road, 37-14. Can the Gamecocks get their 2nd SEC win of the year? Here are three things to watch that can make that happen.



Notice I said slow down Benny Snell. I don’t think the South Carolina Gamecocks will be able to stop him entirely. However, slowing him down and making Terry Wilson beat them through the air may be the key to a win.

Snell is averaging 6.2 YPC so far this season. He is coming a 165-yard, 4 TD performance against Mississippi State. Carolina held Vandy to 2.8 YPC last week. The Commodores don’t have a back the caliber of Benny Snell, but the infrastructure is in place to slow him down.



Kentucky’s two starting corners, Derrick Baity and Lonnie Johnson, are each 6’3”. They have the size and length NFL teams crave at the position nowadays. However, what kind of athletes are they? Have they been tested sideline-to-sideline?

I believe the Gamecocks need to test them in space. Utilize quick tunnel screens, middle screens, and bubble screens. Get the ball quickly into the hands of Deebo Samuel, Shi Smith, and Bryan Edwards in space. I also think Rico Dowdle and A.J. Turner could be useful this week in the passing game.


Will Muschamp can talk all he wants about having a one-game season mentality. There are seniors on this team that has NEVER beaten Kentucky. IN FOOTBALL! No offense to the Big Blue Nation but they are not exactly renowned for their football prowess.

The South Carolina Gamecocks must go into this game with a sense of pride. End the streak!

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