New England Patriots: What Does The Future Hold After Loss To Lions?

The New England Patriots have started their 2018 season 1-2. This is not the way the fans and experts thought it would be. The last two weeks, the Patriots appear to be lost on the field. In week 2, they had a rematch against the Jacksonville Jaguars who they played in the AFC Championship last year. It took a defensive stop to prevent the Jaguars from playing the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. The Pats are in desperate need of a win this Sunday to stay in the division as the upstart Miami Dolphins are 3-0.

From what I’ve seen thus far, the defense looks confused. A defense that can get quarterback Tom Brady and knock him of his rhythm wins. The Pats defense was unable to stop Blake Bortles and the Jags’ offense without star running back Leonard Fournette. Many experts believe the Pats should’ve lost in the AFC Championship Game a year ago but escaped. I for one was happy with the outcome. As a fan, they need to figure out what to do on defense.

Last week against the Detroit Lions both the offense and defense appeared to be out of sync. Brady is struggling and not having his normal assortment of weapons have stalled the once potent offensive attack. They acquired Josh Gordon, but he was out with a groin injury. Julian Edelman has been suspended for the first 4 games of the season but will be back next week. Edelman will help Rob Gronkowski and the rest of the offense. The Pats need to find a running game with James White or rookie draft pick Sony Michel. This will help Tom Brady and get the Pats back on the winning track.

Maybe the defense is off because they lost longtime defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. Patricia just took on his former teacher Bill Belichick and came away victorious Sunday. The Pats are nearly unbeatable off a loss, but they struggled against the Lions. The New England Patriots have big aggressive linebackers, but the Lions exploited that with their speedy running backs. I think that teams in the future will use this as a weakness moving forward. In the end, I believe that Belichick and the Pats can turn this around and still win the division and maybe another Super Bowl.

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