The Big Bang Theory: Three Questions from the Season 12 Premiere

Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory kicked off on Monday night. Before you read any further understand there are some plotline spoilers below. Warning: Spoilers from Season 12 of The Big Bang Theory are below.

In case you forgot, Season 11 ended with Sheldon and Amy getting married. Well, Season 12 began with Sheldon and Amy beginning their honeymoon at Lego Land in California.

Raj Thinks It’s All About Him

Raj was able to go on the local tv channel to talk about the upcoming meteor shower. Instead of talking about the shower, he took jabs at fellow astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on air and that led to the interview ending abruptly. Well, Raj doesn’t understand how foolish this makes him look.

Bernadette and Howard tried to speak some sense in Raj. However, Raj thinks his new feud with deGrasse Tyson will lead to something awesome on Twitter.

Well, Raj didn’t act that tough when deGrasse Tyson called him on the phone. It will be interesting to see if this feud further develops during the final season of the show.

So will Raj’s inability to understand the bigger picture doom him personally and/or professionally. Or will he finally listen to the advice of others?

Sheldon’s Scheduling Situation

Once again, Sheldon and his need to schedule every minute of his day made things awkward. While honeymoons are meant to be spontaneous and filled with magical moments, Sheldon insisted to Amy they follow a schedule. Well, that ruined any chance of having “coitus” the first few nights of their honeymoon.

Sheldon is now a married man and the days of a roommate agreement are long over. Amy told Sheldon he can have a schedule but she likes spontaneity so she doesn’t want to know his schedule.

However, there’s a bigger question left that needs to be answered this season for The Big Bang Theory.

Will Sheldon be able to break his habits or will it doom the marriage before long?

Are Amy’s Parents Becoming Main Characters?

During Season 11 Big Bang Theory fans were introduced to Amy’s parents. Naturally, they came in for the wedding and they were in Monday night’s Season 12 premiere. Well, Amy’s father (played by Teller from Penn and Teller) was hiding from his wife. This situation was one of the main points of Monday’s premiere and leaves many future plotlines on the table.

First, this situation led to Leonard foolishly saying that he and Penny are like Amy’s parents. Well, that didn’t sit well with Penny but they eventually made up. Then, Amy’s mother vented to Penny, which caused Penny to storm over to Amy’s apartment and tell Amy’s father to go home.

So, for now, all that fans know is that Amy’s parents have issues between them. This is nothing new on The Big Bang Theory, where each couple’s issues have led to various feuds. It’s what has driven many of the plotlines on CBS’ hit drama.

Yet, this leaves a few questions. First off, will Amy’s parents become main characters on Season 12? If so, will the back story of their issues play out further? Or is this a way for CBS to possibly plan another prequel to The Big Bang Theory?

Young Sheldon was the No. 1 new comedy during the 2017-18 television cycle. Sheldon already has his prequel so a prequel surrounding Amy and her family wouldn’t be that crazy.

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