New England Patriots: Are They Ready for Life After Tom Brady?

The New England Patriots are preparing to begin life without the ace of their franchise, Tom Brady. While this is not imminent, the time will be coming sooner than later. Are the Pats ready for this afterlife? Can they win without Brady? If at what cost can they win? Let us look at these three questions.

Are the New England Patriots Ready for life after Tom Brady?

At his position, QB, I am not so certain. They have traded away the two players that were once thought to be his replacement. Those were Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garoppolo. Their current QB situation has only journeyman Brian Hoyer behind Brady. On the practice squad is Danny Etling (LSU). Not exactly the ideal situation for a team that is accustomed to winning.

Can the Patriots win without Brady?

Yes! They have proven that they can. Back in 2008 when Brady went down with a knee injury in the first game they proved it. Matt Cassel replaced Brady that season and went 10-5 in his 15 starts. Proving that this team can win without Tom Terrific.

Again, in 2016 it happens. However, this time was due to Tom Brady being suspended for his role in “Deflategate”. Jimmy G and Jacoby B led the Patriots to a 3-1 start during the four-game suspension. Thus proving again that this team can win without Brady.

At what cost can the New England Patriots continue to win?

A dynasty cannot last forever. All good things eventually come to end. These are things that we have said many times regarding the Patriots. Nonetheless, they continue to win. Although will that be the case after Tom Brady decides to retire. Will they have the pieces in place to finally replace him? While they may have addressed that issue previously, they currently are not. Will, it cost them multiple drafts or picks to find “the one”? That will be left for future speculation.

Right now, as the situation stands, this team can win with or without Brady. Will, that stay the same in the future? That time will come. For now, the Patriots are worried about not losing their third straight.

Do you think the New England Patriots are ready for life without Tom Brady? Leave a comment below.

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