‘A House With A Clock In Its Walls’ Might Be Too Much Like Goosebumps For Most

I’ve seen a lot of Jack Black movies. Personally, I thought Goosebumps was one his better films. That’s why I was so excited to see A House With A Clock In Its Walls. While it wasn’t as good as Goosebumps, there was enough to keep my interest for the 1 hour 40 minute runtime.

I didn’t expect A House With A Clock to be overly scary. The film was given a PG rating, so there was no way it’s going to be that intense. The trailers made the film look a bit more frightening than it actually was. I was a tad disappointed by that. I didn’t let this take away from my experience watching the movie.

Jack Black seems to have mastered the art of the PG scary film. Goosebumps was a major hit for him, and A House With A Clock In Its Walls isn’t going to hurt his career either. Surprisingly, it was newcomer, Owen Vaccaro, who stole the show as Louis. The 12-year-old is known for his parts in Daddy’s Home and Daddy’s Home 2.

Getting to the film itself, the story, which is based on a novel, was very unique. Without getting into too much detail, there’s a clock in the walls of a house. It must stop ticking or something terrible will happen. It’s as simple as that. The film does have a few twists and turns along the way. Not too much will surprise you, though. Perhaps one twist at the end but it’s pretty predictable for the older audience.

I’d love to comment on the imagination of A House With A Clock. So much thought went into the concept of this film/novel. I’ve not read the book but I’ve got a good understanding of why it’s so beloved. The film’s director, Eli Roth, uses his movie making skills and produces a masterfully designed world of fantasy, even if the story can be a bit bland.

Speaking of Roth, this film is a complete 180 from what he’s used to doing. Normally a gore/guts/violence type of director, he changes up his style away from the Horror/Action film genre to direct a young adult/teenager movie. You’d never expect the director of films such as Inglorious Basterds, The Green Inferno or Hostel to direct this.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some scenes in this film that will creep you out and frighten you. I’d recommend not bringing any child under the age of 10. Of course, during my showing, there were a group of what had to be 7 or 8-year-olds and they didn’t make a peep or move at all. It really depends on the child whether or not they can get through this movie.

You’ll know when you see it, but the film did kind of feel like Goosebumps at certain points. It had a very similar style with certain objects coming to life. I didn’t have an issue with this at first, but to make these two films within 2 years of each other (and a new Goosebumps on the way this year) and to both star Jack Black, it sort of felt like the same movie.

Regardless, expect to enjoy A House With A Clock In Its Walls. If you go into it based on what you see in the trailer, I’d say don’t expect that. It’s not too scary for those over the age of 10. You’ll still love your time watching this movie. Would I call it better than Goosebumps? No, I wouldn’t. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good time out at the movies.

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