Houston Texans: Bill O’Brien needs to be fired

The Houston Texans squared off with the New York Giants in Week 3 action. This was a battle of which team will get their first win. The Giants would end up being the ones to get the win as they defeated the Texans, 27-22. After watching the game, there were some moments in the game where the Texans were playing like a 0-2 team. They had no rhythm, poor decisions made, and Deshaun Watson looked rusty at points. Being that the Texans lost today, they join the Oakland Raiders and Arizona Cardinals as not having a win.


In my limited exposure to the Texans, I didn’t see a playoff team and saw a team that won’t have more than 3-4 wins this season. If they end up going 3-13 or 4-12 than Houston Texans management will have no option but to fire Bill O’Brien. In five seasons as head coach of the Texans, Bill O’Brien has gone 31-35 and not gotten beyond the Divisional round. He hasn’t done much as he hasn’t been better than 9-7. It doesn’t help the case for the Texans that they only have a winning record against three of their remaining opponents. When you look at the record against their remaining opponents, it comes out to 65-82. They have a winning record against the Jacksonville Jaguars (19-13), Miami Dolphins (7-1), and Cleveland Browns (6-3). They are either at .500 or lower against their other opponents.

As long as Bill O’Brien is the head coach, the Texans won’t amount to anything. He called a play in the Giants game where he had Deshaun Watson sling it down the field. If it would have worked, then it would have been great. However, it didn’t work. It’s worth noting that they weren’t a few seconds on the clock and they wanted to take a shot down the field. If memory serves me right, it was early in the third quarter. Nonetheless, the person I feel sorry for mostly is J.J. Watt. He is getting the Larry Fitzgerald treatment of being a good player on a crappy team.

It’s simple, as long as the Texans stand by Bill O’Brien they won’t do anything in the AFC South or the AFC.

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