James Bond: Henry Cavill Over Idris Elba Is Bull Crap

The legend of James Bond will live on forever as long as studios can find a suitable actor to play the British spy. For the last three movies, Daniel Craig has taken the throw and has done wonders with the role. However, no one can play Bond forever. With Craig set to end the role after Bond 25, rumors have been swirling regarding who the next James Bond will be. At first, there were rumors of Idris Elba, but as recently as Thursday afternoon, Superman himself, Henry Cavill has popped up in the discussion.

While Cavill has the acting chops to get it done, the question is, does he have that “smoothness” that only a Bond actor has?

To be fair, his work as Superman was not much of a stretch as Clark Kent is about as smooth as a Snicker’s Bar. However, his good guy/bad guy role in Mission Impossible: Fallout may be the reason he’s being tabbed as the next Bond. But still, why no love for Idris Elba? I would hate to go the “race issue” but is the world really ready for a black James Bond? Why not? Comic characters have crossed the color barrier for years and movies that were once novels have done the same. But Bond? Yes. If fans are screaming for Cavill due to him being British, then so is Elba.

Cavill had this to say when asked about the possibility of playing Bond when speaking to Yahoo Movies:

“I think Bond would be a really fun role,” Cavill said. “It’s British, it’s cool. I think now that I have my Mission: Impossible badge we can do real stunts and really amp it up as well.”

When hasn’t Idris Elba not nailed a role? While playing a drug dealer or bank robber is on another level than Bond, Elba has proven that when it comes to playing that sophisticated/man-hunk role, the ladies are at full attention. And isn’t that what being James Bond is all about? While I won’t take anything away from what Henry Cavill could be to the role, Idris Elba was always the best choice after Craig.

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For the Bond franchise to offer something new to the masses is exactly what the critics are waiting for. It doesn’t matter the color of his skin so much as it does one’s acting abilities. Henry Cavill is a good actor, but when comparing the two, their body of work and where the Bond franchise should be heading, Idris Elba is the clear choice.

For God’s sake, the man is already playing Superman. How many iconic roles should he have? Lol

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