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The Nun: While A Good Movie, I Fully Expected More

The Conjuring 2 was one of the scariest movies ever made. The scares were in large part because of the Nun. This creature gave me nightmares for weeks. Because of the popular reception, they gave the character its own spinoff. And while it wasn’t the scariest or best-written film in the Conjuring universe, it’s still a decent picture.

Without James Wan directing, The Nun just felt like your standard horror film. There’s a right amount of jump scares, that’s about it. The movie does very little in going out of its way to scare you. Unlike the 2018 sleeper hit, Hereditary, The Nun isn’t going to leave you afraid to leave the theater.

Don’t get me wrong, The Nun itself is a creepy character. That’s not enough to warrant any scares from me. The entire film is a buildup until you see The Nun in its full glory. By that point, the film has already reached the end, and you’re just ready for it to end.


That’s an issue I had with The Nun. It never really grabbed me in until the climax where you see the actual Nun character. There are some frightening moments, but the film didn’t have that one standout scene. I feel adding the Nun a bit earlier would have given us a much scarier middle of the film.

There’s also an issue with the score of the film. The music just didn’t hit with me at all. It felt as if it were just some generic score. The music needs to set up the scares and the mood. I didn’t feel it did at any point in this movie.

Finally, the script was very cut and dry. This script wasn’t anything original. The religious themes in this movie gave it a very Exorcist feel. With The Nun, there could have been much more done. I wouldn’t have minded an extra 15 minutes to add a bit more backstory to the characters or the religious nuns still left at the covenant. Why didn’t they go when they sensed a threat?


I’m not a huge horror film fan. I wanted to see The Nun because the character was genuinely frightening to me. However, I wouldn’t say I left the theater upset. I was just a bit disappointed. I certainly expected a bit more. It’s still worth it for the one or two jump scares, however, you shouldn’t expect anything else.

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