NXT: Who should Matt Riddle feud with when he debuts?

NXT: Who should Matt Riddle feud with when he debuts?

At every WWE Takeover, there is usually a debut. We’ve seen guys like Bobby Roode, Keith Lee, and Ricochet appear at ringside of Takeovers. This past August, we happen to see Matt Riddle make his long-awaited debut. It’s being reported now that Riddle has begun training in Orlando and is set to appear at the next set of tapings next week.

The question going throughout many wrestling sites is who Matt Riddle’s first feud should be with. There has been some talk of it possibly being Velveteen Dream or Kassius Ohno. These two guys have been brought up lately because they have been dropping Riddle’s catchphrase of “Bro” lately. While those would be two good people to have him begin his NXT career with. In his first couple of matches, I would have him defeat guys like Kona Reeves, Raul Mendoza, Fabian Aichner, and others who are low on the NXT card. After you get him a few easy wins, then I would put him in a feud. The guy that comes to mind that would a great feud to really get the ball rolling is none other than Keith Lee.

It’s clear that Keith Lee is heading for being a heel eventually. The persona he has of basking in my glory is a perfect persona for a heel. He can come off as being cocky or even have Matt Riddle become the heel. Keith Lee has yet to have any big-time feuds since he started in NXT a few months ago. This would give both guys something to do heading into War Games. You know what kind of matches you will get as these guys have chemistry as they had great matches in PWG.

We will get more of an understanding when NXT does the next set of tapings next week.

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