New York Giants Three Keys to get first win over Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants: Three Keys to Getting First Win over Dallas Cowboys

After the New York Giants failed to win their season opener when they hosted the Jacksonville Jaguars, they will be turning their attention to the Dallas Cowboys. Like the New York Giants, the Dallas Cowboys couldn’t win as they dropped a 16-8 game to the Carolina Panthers. While both teams lost their season openers, the Dallas Cowboys have a lot more questions than the New York Giants. I will now present my three keys to see the Giants get their first win of the season.

Here are the three keys:

1- Who is the Dallas Cowboys top target on offense?

It’s clear to say the Giants biggest target on offense is wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The Cowboys got rid of Dak Prescott’s #1 target when they didn’t resign Dez Bryant. In the loss to the Panthers, it became apparent Cole Beasley was becoming the top target. I suspect that this was more of a coincidence. Cole doesn’t have what Dez had that would make me feel that he will become the top guy.


2- Issues with the Cowboys offensive line

Everyone has a comment on how bad the Giants offensive line happens to be and how good the Cowboys front line. They all better rethink their position. Some guys are out, and the front line isn’t the same dominant force that they were last year. Also, by not having a good front line, it won’t make it easier for Elliot. Not having an effective Elliot takes out another element from the Cowboys offense.

3- Dak Prescott’s mindset

Since Prescott doesn’t have a significant threat and Elliot isn’t as effective as he used to be due to a mediocre front line, Prescott won’t have a clear mind. If the Giants are able to put pressure on him and force him to make tough throws, then this will be a long day for the Cowboys.

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