Kalahari Is The Premier Indoor/Outdoor Water Park Resort In The USA

Kalahari is the premier indoor and outdoor waterpark resort. There are three different locations (Sandusky, Wisconsin Dells, Pocono Mountains) in the world. I had the chance to visit the Sandusky, Ohio location. Aside from a few minor issues, I didn’t leave disappointed.

Let’s start out with the waterparks. Between the indoor and outdoor sections, there are well over 15 slides. There are numerous kid areas, a lazy river, and a wave rider. The single day cost for non-hotel guests is $80.

Here’s where my gripe about the waterpark. comes into play. A good portion of the bigger slides requires two people. If you’re a single rider, chances are you won’t get to ride all the big slides. That’s obviously just for safety reasons. Still, a big part of me wonders if it’s also a capacity issue.

There’s also a very strict weight limit. I weigh about 260 lbs. Some of the outdoor slides including, Stingray and Tornado Alley, only allow for a 400 lb weight limit and no single riders. It’s very hard for someone my size to find a suitable partner. I wasn’t able to get on the two biggest outdoor slides or the indoor water coaster.

However, I didn’t let that ruin my time there. I was able to get on a few very good slides. The Tanzanian Twister is absolutely insane. If you do this, just be aware you’ll need to be a very strong swimmer. The few two or more people slides I was able to do were very good. You get serious airtime on both Rippling Rhino and Swahili Swirl. I also got on two body slides at the indoor park and one in the outdoor.

Kids and adults can enjoy Kalahari. There are two children’s play areas between the indoor and outdoor park. As for the adults, there’s a bar in the middle of the indoor/outdoor adults-only hot tub. That was arguably my favorite part of the waterpark.

Although, Kalahari isn’t all about the waterpark. They’ve also got an action park with a ropes course and rock wall. You also shouldn’t miss out on the zoo. There’s a wide variety of animals featured. The highlight of my trip was getting to hold a baby sloth. All three of these are upcharge attractions.

The food at Kalahari is also a major highlight. The buffet (Great Karoo Marketplace) doesn’t disappoint at all. There are also two restaurants, both table service. I only ate at Ivory Coast, but the banana bread French toast I had was out of this world. I’d definitely go back to try B-Lux for their massive shakes.

I’d like to get into more detail about the rooms, but I didn’t have a massive suite. There are some that feature a balcony. Surely, there are a lot of bigger rooms than what I had (which was your standard hotel room). I did enjoy my stay, though.

If you’re looking for a fun getaway in the Ohio area, or you’re visiting Cedar Point, Kalahari is the place for you. In fact, it’s an amazing indoor waterpark. There’s so much to do there. In fact, I didn’t even mention the 7D Theater, mini golf, bowling, laser tag, or video game slide. The resort is massive and is a great time for families.

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