GLOW: It’s About Time Ruth Was Given the Top Role on the Show

Ruth is finally the star of GLOW. She’s won the crown and is the apple of Sam’s eye. With the move to Las Vegas, a lot will change for the ladies. Whatever happens, Zoya (Ruth) must be the main focus.

Ruth dealt with a lot in Season 2. Her feud with the former best friend, Debbie, reached its breaking point. The two had it out in the hospital room, this coming after Liberty Bell snapped the leg of Zoya. Many thought Debbie did it on purpose. Ruth wasn’t one of them, but it did create tension.

For the majority of Season 2, Debbie was co-producer of GLOW. This didn’t sit well with anyone, especially Ruth. After the leg incident, Sam came to realize how vital Ruth was to the show. She was able to produce the final episodes, and win the crown at the end.

Going into Season 3, Ruth is now the alpha of the women. It’s a spot she rightfully deserves. Zoya is the most thought out character of them all. Ruth spends so much time going over the more delicate details of her Russian alter ego. What does the future have in store for Ruth, given her dedication to the craft?


One major event in Ruth’s life is Russell. It’s fantastic to see her in a relationship with someone. He’ll be a significant factor in her life for the time in Las Vegas. Although they won’t be together as much as they’d like, the two should make it work. Don’t be surprised if the distance does cause some issues with the two.

We can expect Ruth to have a more significant impact on the direction of the show in Vegas. With the women putting on nightly shows, things will need to change frequently. Sam believes in Ruth’s vision. He’s come around to her being one of the minds behind the madness that is GLOW.

The relationship between Debbie and Ruth seems to be at a point of forgiveness. They’ll need to work together to get the best out of each other. Debbie seems to be content with letting Ruth continue her relationship with Russell, despite being against it at first.

What is next for GLOW?

As far as GLOW goes, Zoya is the champ. Everyone is going to be gunning for her. Ruth is the main attraction of all the women. She’s the hardest working and goes out of her way to change things up to make a better product. It’s about time Sam wised up to her being the star of the show.

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