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Washington Redskins: Three Keys to Watch Against the Indianapolis Colts

In week one the Washington Redskins showed what type of team they could be. A strong, downhill run force with play action off that. They extended their running game with the short passing game. In fact, their 21 points in the second quarter came off three double-digit play drives. Thus allowing the defense to rest and play fresh. Now comes the home opener against the Indianapolis Colts. Can the team sustain their week one dominance? Here are the three keys to watch on Sunday at FedEx Field.

Adrian Peterson

Last week we had AP on our keys to watch as well. We wanted to see if the veteran running back could rejuvenate his career. This week we want to see if the running back can replicate his performance. Last week he had 26 carries for 96 yards. Additionally, he caught 2 passes for 70 yards. Is this the re-birth of a dominate Redskins running game? Week 2 will go a long way in that determination.

Defense Dominates

Last week the defense of the Washington Redskins was very dominate. After one week they are ranked second in overall defense (213 yards), fourth against the pass (145 Yards), and fourth against the run (68 yards). The Colts should lend an offense that will help maintain that dominance. However, last week was one of the better performances we have seen from the Skins in quite some time. Maybe it was their play that made the opposing offense look bad and not the offense itself.

This is Our House

In four home openers for Jay Gruden, he has not faired very well. In fact, he is 1-3 in those first four home openers. The Washington Redskins will need to perform better at home to turn this around. While Gruden has a winning record at home (19-13) in four years, his teams have not always performed the best. We hope that this is a change in 2018. Starting with Sunday against the Colts.

A win on Sunday will go a long way in determining the success of the Washington Redskins. This should be a game that the team can win going away. If there is any replicating of the performance from last week, that should not be a problem.

How do you feel about the Washington Redskins heading into week two? Leave a comment below.

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