Florida Gators: Looking Back on the Loss to the Kentucky Wildcats

Going into Saturday night the Florida Gators have come off an easy victory over the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. They began their SEC schedule against an opponent that they had beaten 31 times in a row. That opponent is the Kentucky Wildcats. The Gators were at home in the Swamp and escape a loss to the Wildcats a year ago. The Wildcats had somehow found ways to lose. But on this night, it was different.

1st Quarter

The Wildcats would win the toss but defer to the second half. The Gators who used the run a week ago successfully came out threw the ball. In fact, it looked like head coach Dan Mullen wanted to have QB Felipe Franks do it all. The first drive would sputter, and the Gators would have to punt. The Wildcats would then use their running game with last year SEC-leading rusher Benny Snell. They would also use quarterback Terry Wilson. It would lead to a touchdown drive on a 29-yard touchdown pass to David Bouvier. The Gators would get a drive to end the first quarter trailing 7-0.

2nd Quarter

The second Gators drive started towards the end of the first quarter and ended at the beginning of the second. The Gators would start the drive on the ground with a mix of Franks and Lamical Perine. They would then go to the pass on a few plays which opened an opportunity for a sack. The Gators would drive down in the red zone and settle for a field goal. After the drive, the Gators defense held up and made Kentucky punt. The Gators would take advantage of the punt and score a touchdown and have the only lead they would have in the game at 10-7. The Gators defense would force a turnover right before the end of the half.

3rd Quarter

Kentucky would receive the kickoff in the third quarter after deferring the toss. Their first drive would result in a touchdown. They would go 90-yards mostly on the ground and retake the lead 14-10. The next Gators possession would result in a punt. The Wildcats would then score another touchdown and take a 21-10 lead. The Gators would drive down and get in range for a touchdown only to be stopped they attempted a field goal that looked good on reply. After reviewing the referee determined that it was no good the score remained 21-10.

4th Quarter

The Wildcats started a drive that ended the third and spilled over into the final quarter. However, it would result in a punt. The Gators would make a crucial mistake and throw an interception. The good part in the defense would hold up and force another Wildcat punt. They would take that punt and score a touchdown. The Gators now found themselves down 21-16. They once again ask the defense to show up and make a stop they did just that. It set up a chance for the Gators offense to have a chance for a winning drive. The Wildcat defense came up with a strip sack and Franks fumble the ball it was picked up and returned for a touchdown. The Wildcats would end the 31-game winning streak winning 27-16.

It looked like for some off the wall reason Mullen was to focus on featuring Franks. The running game was great a week ago and wasn’t used that much throughout the game. The Wildcats used their young quarterback and the leading rusher from all the SEC last year and showed how to expose the Gators. The Wildcats defense when they had to make a play did and got the turnovers when they needed them. All streaks are meant to be broken and this one finally came to an end.

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