USF Bulls Through The Eyes Of A First-Time Credentialed Writer

Sitting in the press box for the first time at Raymond James Stadium to cover the USF Bulls was both nerve-racking and exciting. I am a highly emotional person and get very nervous when brought to do new things in my life. This was an experience that I was nervous about when it was announced that I’ve earned press credentials for IroniqMedia. I’ve been writing for the website since February. I took a chance when a friend of mine posted the opportunity on Facebook. Now, in my mind, I thought that I would be a better broadcaster than a writer. As I write more and more now I see that sports writing is fun. Instead of announcing with words out loud you just type them.


Of course, my first game wouldn’t be early in the afternoon but a night game. So, the thought of what could go wrong crept into my mind. The best thing is my family, friends, and coworkers said: “Just keep your mind busy and you will do great”. For the first time in my life, I was able to do that! I stayed calm and around 3:30 pm I started my drive from Pinellas Park to Tampa. I was expecting some traffic on the bridge but for some reason there was none. I arrived in the parking lot and started my walk to Dock D. I went to pick up my creds and there was an issue they didn’t have them for me. I luckily had the email from USF Bulls creds personal and they cleared it up. My nerves went from high to low and once I took my seat it was like I had done this for years.

Now, I am a small fish in a big pond. There are so many well-known media people. For example, Tom Jones, a press writer for the Tampa Bay Times. This guy is a great writer whose articles I read daily. I am hoping to one day be just like him writing for the Tampa Bay Times. Being that I am local I like to keep it that way. With nerves out-of-the-way, I was told to write with my eyes and that’s what I did. The view from the press box is like no other. Inside the box, there is everything from TV’s and personnel that are willing to help. It was a wonderful experience and moving forward it will be much easier and relaxing doing something I love– writing and watching sports.

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